Prescription Synchronization

Prescription Synchronization for Missouri residents

We how know how confusing and tedious it can be to manage medications, especially multiple prescriptions. That’s why we make things as simple as possible through medication synchronization. You can get your prescription medications and use our prescription synchronization services at all of our locations. 
Prescription Rx medicine bottles

What is prescription synchronization?

When you have multiple prescriptions, you may be required to make multiple trips to the pharmacy in order to pick them up. It can be difficult to budget for all these prescriptions, too, especially when you’re on a fixed income. When you choose Health Mart Pharmacy, if you have two or more prescriptions, we’ll coordinate them so that they all arrive on the same day. That way you only have to make one trip to the pharmacy. 

Medication and more

While you’re picking up your prescription, you’ll get real, face-to-face medicine and supplement counseling with your pharmacist. Best of all, we’ll manage all your refills so that you always have your medication on the day you need it. Prescription synching is just another way we are working hard to be your first choice partner for your health.

We accept Medicaid

We accept Medicaid, Medicare D, and all major insurances to cover your prescription medication and care. Our several locations exist for your convenience so you can visit us and work with friendly staff to handle prescriptions, get refills, and so much more.
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