Convenience for De Soto, MO patients

Our Westland Health Mart Pharmacy is always looking for the best way to make your life safer, healthier, and more convenient. That's why we're happy to discuss your insurance options, Medicaid coverage, and more whenever you visit a location or call. But our service doesn't stop there! We're proud to offer our special Westpacks for residents near our Westland location.

What is a Westpak?

So how does it work? Our Westland Health Mart Pharmacy location will examine your complete prescription records, and then provide you with one simple package for all of your prescriptions in one convenient place. Medications are separated by day and we organize it so if you have multiple medications, we can synchronize them so you only have one pick up for all of your refills. Currently, this service is only available at our Westland health Mart Pharmacy location.

We accept Medicaid

Don't forget to ask about insurance coverage for your medication. We accept Medicaid, Medicare D, and all major insurances. Your prescriptions, or a generic brand alternative, will be covered by your insurance to reduce or eliminate the cost to you at the pharmacy. 
Pharmacist and senior man customer with drug and prescription

Personal attention

If you live in or around Desoto, MO, come into our Westland Health Mary Pharmacy location and speak to one of our trained pharmacists. They'll help you understand your prescriptions, your insurance, and co-pays or deductibles. We try to make it simple by combining all of your medication into a simple package we call, the Westpack.
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